Kate Latham

Kate is an independent content writer with a passion for all things biology-related. Her expertise comes from her completion of a BSC in the subject (Newcastle University, UK) and a background in medical research (Cancer genetics and immunology, Southampton University, UK). By researching and re-spinning scientific facts into interesting copy, Kate aims to bring the latest breakthroughs to a wider audience. In doing so, she hopes to bring more people into the conversation about scientific research and all that it impacts, from our individual health to the global environment. Kate’s key areas of interest include medicine, genetics and genomics, ecology, environmental conservation, nutrition, personal healthcare and wellness. When not sifting through Scholar for journal articles, Kate also enjoys writing travel pieces. As a fully-fledge ‘digital nomad,’ Kate has lived in and travelled through a variety of global locations over the last few years, and is currently spending her winter in Mexico.